posted by Thomas Woodman on 2022-04-23

It's taken months, but we are now up and operational. A lot of IT work had to be done(aka me coding non-stop all day today to fix the upstream). All pilots should be able to upload their own custom material/images/etc, and we are about to order actual pilot uniforms with shoulder boards to all our pilots who have 1000+ hours of flying on this airline. For FREE.

We are getting in touch with Boeing and the actual Alaska Airlines, and there is a lot more planned - but let's keep that on the downlow until we actually do it and the entire VATSIM/Flightsim community shits themselves and we have a sudden influx of pilots in a few months.

If you are reading this and are a pilot here, should probably start flying now. Every bit of ACARS data you accumulate will be submitted to the FAA/your flight school of choice for scholarship purposes.

The pilots of today are going to be watching you - the pilots of tomorrow.

I will be back with more news in a few months.

Have FUN flying - it's going to count towards your CPL if that is in fact what your goal truly is.

Also, please measure the size of your sternum, and give us your shirt size when you approach 1000 hours. You will be provided with the exact same uniform of the pilots you are mimicking with each flight, and you will be speaking to those pilots in the future.

Until next time, Fly fly fly!

CFO/Webmaster of ASAVirtual - Thomas Woodman