Our Fleet

Our fleet is based of the real life. When flying for ASAVirtual, please use one of the aircraft listed on the fleet.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
A320 150 520kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B 3,950nm 1 more info
A321 186 520kts 41,000ft CFM-56-5B1 4,000nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-700
B737 124 530kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B 2,985nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-800
B738 159 530kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B27 2,920nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-9 MAX
B39M 174 530kts 41,000ft CFM LEAP-1B 3,250nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-900
B739 174 530kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B27 2,210nm 1 more info
Boeing 737-900ER
B739 174 530kts 41,000ft CFM56-7 2,720nm 1 more info
Bombardier Q400 DASH 8
DH8D 76 414kts 25,000ft PW100 1,114nm 1 more info
Embraer 175
E175 76 545kts 41,000ft GE CF 34-8E 1,800nm 1 more info